What is the eternal forbidden fruit doing here on a philosophy page? What is the connection? What is the implication? No need to scratch your brain. The tribute is very simple. Yes this fruit sowed seeds of humanity. Made a king a eternal hero. Made a man the immortal scientist. It keeps doctor away too. Just ponder when nature's creation can create situations to become a brand over the centuries, imagine what heights a brand a potential winner if handled properly can soar. Right from this point the Brand Chaanak philosophy rises to inspire every thing under the sun.

EVERY BRAND IS A COUNTRY. NOR BIG NOR SMALL. Vatican is the smallest nation yet it has its place unparalleled. The branding universe is no different from the real universe. Every speck is valuable. At Brand Chaanak the never sleep thinking is forever on the lookout of brands like Karna, Eklavya and Ravan. All we need to treat every brand as a nation in itself. Our task become simpler, easier and certainly very effective.